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datrus rvalyi: no we don't (but how do u estimate branding value of "OpenERP", domain donated by almacom) — 45 min 33 sec ago
odony @sharoonthomas because it's so easy to do that and grab all country-specific leads, but so unfair to other partners in that country... — 46 min 48 sec ago
odony @sharoonthomas in fact many people do that, for example have a look at the top 10 hits for openerp in or — 48 min 8 sec ago
rvalyi @datrus so Almacom is referenced as Gold. Do you generate something close to 40000euros/year for Tiny? Given all what you redevelop I doubt — 52 min 9 sec ago
rvalyi @datrus this is because OpenERP is only half mature+ERP is complex so require aliens+miracles.Regular firms to not incentive daily miracles. — 54 min 3 sec ago
rvalyi @datrus the company I worked before,Smile,would be a so called "business partner". But hardly profitable, can't return that much/year->dream — 55 min 37 sec ago
datrus maybe openerp SA should distinguish between "business partners" and "community partners"? to value ext. contribs that provide indir. revenue — 58 min 43 sec ago
datrus making enhanced openerp MRP module (replaces mrp.production by new production order and separate assembly order) — 1 hour 2 min ago
odony We'll also introduce clear #OpenERP branding rules (specific logos etc) -> better recognition for everyone: partners, local communities, ... — 1 hour 2 min ago
sharoonthomas @odony who is so stupid or naive to pretend as editor in the internet age?its a software,not shampoo,soap or cornflakes where these happen. — 1 hour 6 min ago
odony If wondering about /disloyal behavior/ in #OpenERP partnership,think misuse of OpenERP logo/tm to masquerade as the editor for example — 1 hour 11 min ago
sharoonthomas @rvalyi the partner policy is least of my concerns!but the project is losing its openness!contributions are not valued!every idea is cloned — 1 hour 11 min ago
sharoonthomas RT @rvalyi: @cedrickrier @sharoonthomas it also seem #OpenERP forgot the reasons of the Adempiere fork: hour 14 min ago
matrixise Android running on iPhone: hour 22 min ago
nbessi RT @rvalyi: @cedrickrier @sharoonthomas it also seem #OpenERP forgot the reasons of the Adempiere fork: hour 45 min ago
rvalyi @cedrickrier @sharoonthomas it also seem #OpenERP forgot the reasons of the Adempiere fork: hour 48 min ago
rvalyi @cedrickrier @sharoonthomas not to say they dream when they think larger companies would drive this return and be profitable. Not yet... — 1 hour 50 min ago
rvalyi @cedrickrier @sharoonthomas,looks like cool open source been trapped in the old capitalism issue where without capital you'll never make it. — 1 hour 51 min ago
imohdnoo awesome. We completed a project in 2 iterations. Wow...superb guys.. — 1 hour 51 min ago
rvalyi @cedrickrier @sharoonthomas, what shocks me in that partner contract is that their is no feasible path from 'ready' to 'silver' partner. — 1 hour 52 min ago